The marine industry is closely linked to the world economy. With such a great challenge to meet, the best marine insurance products are required. Nesika Insurance Services Inc. in Richmond, BC approaches the underwriting of marine insurance in a flexible, individualized manner to ensure complete coverage and handles claims with the prompt response and attention to detail that you deserve.

The brokers at Nesika Insurance Services Inc. specialize in marina insurance, ocean marine insurance, and inland marine insurance. Through their expertise, they are able to address all imaginable marine industry risk exposures with diverse and individual solutions.

Ocean Marine Insurance Protects Against the Unexpected

Working in the marine industry, you encounter countless scenarios that may result in a loss to your livelihood.

These may include:

  • Several vessels being stored for repairs at a shipyard are damaged when a fire breaks out.
  • One day, goods are delivered to late in the evening to be unloaded right away and have to be stored overnight in a secure trailer, only to find out in the morning the trailer was not so secure to avoid theft.
  • The high tech clean room equipment of a manufacturer is exposed to moisture and dust during customs inspections.
  • A spark ignites in the engine room of a vessel laying cable, which results in propulsion being lost.

These are only a few marine incidents that can happen at any time or place without warning.

Ocean Marine Insurance and Inland Marine Insurance

Unlike basic property insurance policies, marine insurance policies are by nature flexible. This means that you can obtain coverage types for a wide array of property damage exposures.

Ocean marine insurance coverage will protect against loss in three specific areas, which include:

  • Hull Insurance – This is the type of marine insurance that you need for shipments from car carriers, tugs, cruise liners and inland vessels in addition to pleasure crafts and yachts.
  • Cargo Insurance – This includes coverage for domestic and international goods in storage and in transit.
  • Liability Insurance – This type of marine insurance comes in many different forms, such as marine general liability, employer’s liability, excess liability. Liability coverage is also available for ports, terminal operators, ship repairers, stevedores, charterers, harbingers and more.

With an inland marine insurance policy, you will be covered for the following:

  • Warehouses and logistics – Delivering, transporting and warehousing goods on time is a complicated task. However, your insurance policy does not have to be. Tom and Keith Amirault can provide you with customized coverage that will meet the requirements of your business.
  • Builder’s risk – Buildings that are still under construction are open to risks that are changing constantly, yet completely different from the risks of a completed structure. You can rely on Nesika Insurance Services Inc. to provide you with the protection that will keep pace with your projects.
  • Property in transit – Goods that are stolen, damaged or lost in transit can cause you to lose customers, so you need to be prepared for the unexpected with the right type of insurance.
  • Installation coverage – You provide the dedicated expertise to install cable lines, electrical wires, air conditioning systems, heating systems, water pipes and even sophisticated medical equipment. Therefore, you need dedicated insurance that provides the coverage that you need to make certain your business is protected properly.
  • Equipment coverage – Damaged, stolen or lost equipment can mean lost time and money, in addition to putting your reputation and business in jeopardy. That is the reason that coverage for tools and equipment is so important.

Why You Need Marine Insurance

Without the right marina insurance, ocean marine insurance or inland marine insurance policy, you could be facing the total destruction of your business. It only takes a single catastrophic event to destroy everything that you have worked so hard to build.

Of course, nobody likes to think about the possibility of bad things happening, and perhaps that is why so many people do not have the marine insurance that they need in order to succeed. However, when you have kind, trustworthy brokers like Tom and Keith Amirault in your corner, it is easier to manage risk.

When you have the right marine insurance, you will be able to protect your business and your financial security from unexpected jeopardy. Your marine insurance policy from Nesika Insurance Services Inc. will protect you against the damage or loss of cargo, ships, terminals and so much more.

Act now before it is too late to get the protection that you need. All you have to do is click on the quote request button to obtain a no-obligation quote to see how much money you could be saving. The peace of mind that you deserve is much more affordable than you may think it can be. Do not wait another minute to ensure your success in the marine industry.

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