Hull & Machinery Insurance Part 2: Common exclusions and requirements

Your insurance policy is a contract between you and the insurer to cover your vessel. Like any contract there are certain requirements which you must meet in order for it to be valid. Although marine insurance contracts vary there are some requirements and exclusions which will be found on nearly every policy.

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Marine Surveys: Frequently Asked Questions

With a marine market that’s been tightening up for the past year, insurers have been requesting surveys with more frequency as well as narrowing the type and age of vessels they’ll insure. Having an up-to-date marine survey is your best bet for making sure that you get the best insurance coverage (and are most protected in the event of a loss).

To help explain the what and why of marine surveys, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

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Protection & Indemnity - Why do Marinas want Liability Insurance?

As a commercial vessel operator I’m sure you’ve been asked by some of the harbour authorities and marinas that you frequent for a certificate of liability insurance within the last year. Many harbour authorities are now cracking down on insurance requirements that have been in place (but mostly unenforced) for years. This sudden increase in requests for proof of insurance has raised a lot of questions about why insurance is needed and why marinas are only now requiring it when in the past being uninsured wasn’t an issue. This post explains why marinas are asking for insurance more often and how having insurance benefits both you and the marina.

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8 Reasons Your Business Should Have Legal Expense Insurance

Most small business owners know that they need liability insurance and property insurance to protect their business – but there a lot of things that conventional business insurance can’t or won’t cover, like employment and contract disputes. As a small business you don’t have the same resources as a large firm and if you get into a dispute with a big company you could end up being bullied into giving in simply due to cost. Legal Expense Insurance is a cost-effective way to make sure that this doesn’t happen — and give you a whole host of other benefits too!

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Fisherman's Nets & Gear Insurance

With the recent fire at the Steveston Harbour Authority, we have had many clients call and visit our office asking about nets and gear insurance to cover their nets, gear, and other equipment which is stored in gear sheds and lockers. We have prepared this informative blog post about nets and gear insurance to assist fisherman in learning more about the coverage that is available to insure these items.

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Drinking & Boating in BC

There’s few things more relaxing than being out on the water, soaking in the sunshine and the beautiful views around you. It’s only natural to want to sit back and crack open a cold beer or pour a glass of wine and enjoy your surroundings.

But make sure you know the laws on alcohol and boating before you reach for that drink. Did you know that in British Columbia the fines and penalties for drinking and boating are the same as operating a car while under the influence? That’s no joke.

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