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Hull & Machinery Insurance Part 2: Common exclusions and requirements

Your insurance policy is a contract between you and the insurer to cover your vessel. Like any contract there are certain requirements which you must meet in order for it to be valid. Although marine insurance contracts vary there are some requirements and exclusions which will be found on nearly every policy.

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Protection & Indemnity - Why do Marinas want Liability Insurance?

As a commercial vessel operator I’m sure you’ve been asked by some of the harbour authorities and marinas that you frequent for a certificate of liability insurance within the last year. Many harbour authorities are now cracking down on insurance requirements that have been in place (but mostly unenforced) for years. This sudden increase in requests for proof of insurance has raised a lot of questions about why insurance is needed and why marinas are only now requiring it when in the past being uninsured wasn’t an issue. This post explains why marinas are asking for insurance more often and how having insurance benefits both you and the marina.

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