What insurance can I get for my nets & gear?

We offer multiple options for insuring your nets and gear, depending on what you want to cover. These include:

-          Only while in storage on land

-          While on land, including while in storage, transit, and on the dock

-          On the water (for loss following total loss of the vessel) and while in storage

All of our nets and gear insurance policies include coverage for damage to gear due to fire and violent theft on land (theft where there is evidence of forced entry). This insurance is very affordable and provides you peace of mind in the event of an accident occurring.

My lease requires I have liability coverage as well. What is this?

Third-party liability coverage is insurance that protects you for damage done to the property of others for which you are found legally liable.

Most of our nets and gear insurance policies include Tenant’s Legal Liability insurance, which protects you if you damage a premises (such as a locker) that you rent, lease, or temporarily occupy. The amount of Tenant’s Legal Liability that you need to carry depends on the size of the gear shed that you occupy. There is enough Tenant’s Legal Liability included on our policies to cover a 400 square foot or smaller space but additional coverage can be added if needed.

Premises liability is also included in most of our policies, which provides basic ‘slip and fall’ coverage for your rented premises.

You need both these liability coverages to fully fulfill your lease requirements as they work together to fully protect you.