As a family-owned and operated insurance brokerage, we know how important it is to keep your business safe. That’s why we’ve dedicated the last 40+ years to protecting companies just like yours with full-service marine business insurance.

Whether you operate a seafood processing plant – or you’re a one-person, mobile boat repair specialist - every business owner wants to sleep better at night, knowing their livelihood is secure. By letting you manage almost all of your risk on a single policy, our Comprehensive Marine Trade Insurance can help you with that!

Commercial Marine Insurance Made Easy

Comprehensive Marine Trade Insurance eliminates the confusion surrounding which individual coverage your business needs by putting nearly everything in one place, including:

  • Commercial Property Insurance (to safeguard your buildings and contents)

  • Marine General Liability Insurance (to protect your business in the event of a lawsuit)

  • Marine Vessel Insurance (to cover vessel and equipment damage or loss)

  • Cargo Insurance (to protect goods in transit or storage)

The beauty of our all-in-one insurance solution is that – as long as all receipts and operations are declared - both your marine and non-marine exposures are covered. That means you don’t need to struggle with multiple policies, or worry about potential gaps in your coverage.

Let’s take a closer look at what Comprehensive Marine Trade Insurance can do for your business.

Commercial Property Insurance

What would happen if your marina or shipyard fell victim to a catastrophic event? Without adequate protection, fire, theft, flood – even a sewer back-up could spell financial disaster for your business.

Commercial property insurance is all about safeguarding the buildings and structures you work out of, along with the equipment, inventory, and other contents, both inside and out.

By managing repair and replacement costs, our comprehensive coverage puts you in a better position to get your business back up and running fast.

Marine Liability Insurance

Legal expenses can be costly. Liability insurance is meant to protect you from those expenses should your business ever be sued for causing someone bodily injury or harm.

But did you know that most commercial general liability insurance policies specifically exclude marine operations? Good thing our all-in-one insurance has marine general liability coverage built right in.

Marine Vessel Insurance

Fire and theft, heavy weather, crew negligence - your commercial marine vessel is exposed to any number of risks on a regular basis. That’s why our Hull & Machinery insurance covers vessel loss, as well as repairs to damaged hulls, equipment, and machinery.

Our comprehensive policy doesn’t end there, though: we’ve also got you covered where legal costs are concerned should you damage someone else’s boat in a collision.

Cargo Insurance

Every marine operation involved in the shipment of goods faces cargo risks. Properly protecting the goods in your care is important - especially since loss, damage, or theft could cost clients and damage your reputation.

A special type of cargo insurance known as Stock-Throughput (STP) is a key component of our marine trade policy. STP safeguards precious cargo, both in transit and storage.

Remember …

Our Comprehensive Marine Trade Insurance means you don’t need separate policies for your commercial and marine liability needs. And that’s great news for your business. Because removing multiple policies from the equation:

·         reduces the chance that a key aspect of your coverage will be missed, and

·         prevents insurers from arguing over whose policy a loss falls under, should one occur

Still have questions? At Nesika, it’s our goal to make the insurance process as easy as possible. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to explain how our Comprehensive Marine Trade Insurance could be the right protection policy for your business.