The name ‘Nesika’ comes from a Chinook word which is communal jargon for ‘together’ or ‘looking after our own’

Tom (past president), Tom (president), and Keith (vice-president) on a family sailing trip

Tom (past president), Tom (president), and Keith (vice-president) on a family sailing trip

The story of Nesika has roots on both the East and West Coasts of Canada, dating back to 1973 when Amirault, Haynes, and Associates was established in Nova Scotia. Originally, they only sold life insurance and related products to fishermen and their families. In 1978, Fairway Insurance Services Inc. was incorporated to sell marine insurance due to client demand. Over the years to come, they branched out into Commercial and Personal lines to further satisfy the needs of their clientele.

Nesika was originally started by the Native Fishing Association to insure aboriginal fishing vessels in 1991. In 2005, as the need for an insurance broker who specifically insured First Nations vessel decreased, the company was sold to Fairway Insurance Services Inc. At this time, Nesika Insurance Services had been in operation writing solely commercial fishing vessels for nearly 15 years.

Tom Amirault Sr., one of the founders of the original Amirault, Haynes, and Associates, passed control to the second generation in 2005. Now Keith, Sarah, and Jana Amirault manage the operations of the six East Coast branches of Fairway and provide support to Nesika on the West Coast.

Tom Amirault, President of Nesika Insurance, joined his siblings in the family business in 2010 and brought with him two decades of experience as a commercial fisherman, being a Transport Canada certified master and engineer. Under his guidance Nesika has grown from exclusively serving commercial fishing vessels to a full-service brokerage specializing in insurance for marine and commercial industries. With the support of Fairway Insurance Services we have access to a wide variety of markets and essentially unlimited capacity.

Together, Nesika and Fairway insure over 3,000 vessels and over 10,000 clients on both coasts of Canada. We have been providing our clients with quality service for over 40 years and three generations

Nesika and Fairway are proud to be 100% Canadian, family-owned and operated brokerages.

Keith & Tom at our tiny (less than 500 square foot!) office at the Steveston Harbour Authority in 2010